Weather Delays Sure Stink! June 04 2014

Beat the heat...summer is coming!

I have an absolute addiction to online shopping. 

The internet has made it so easy to avoid the in-store hassles of parking, crowds, check-out lines, and hauling heavy items home.  There’s something magical about placing an order from the comfort of your home, continuing to enjoy life, then receiving the order a few days later without any extra effort!
But there IS a downside to internet shopping for us wineries… 
We’re approaching a time of year that I like to refer to as the holding season.  Why?  Because due to the heat from late June – late September I can’t usually ship any wine to locations that require more than two days of transit.  It’s a drag for me because I know I hate waiting more than a week for any shipment (Amazon has spoiled me), so I don’t like having to hold your shipments due to weather either. 
At the risk of going thirsty all summer, I implore you to beat the heat and get those last minute summer orders in before we get too hot to ship. 
I had a bottle of our 2010 Cab at a BBQ this past weekend with some carne asada and was majorly impressed.  It wasn’t a purposeful pairing, but it worked!  I tend to pair our Cab with bigger cuts of meat, but the preparation of the meat with ground peppercorn, chili powder and cumin was spot on. 
Don’t forget, we offer free UPS Ground shipping on all orders! 
Happy shopping,

Jessica Stock
National Sales Manager