2013 Chard Release Date Announcement June 23 2014

2013 Chard Release Date Announcement

I’ve had several celebratory glasses of wine since completing my MBA last month, some good and some not so good.  Several bottles have come from our own cellar – a little quality control of past vintages,  you could say – and what I’ve found is that I really have a preference for our own wines.  Call me biased, but they’re darn good, and continue to impress me.  I’m digressing…
The real point of this email was to tell you that one of the glasses (a rather heavy pour, I may add) I had the chance to imbibe last week was our forthcoming 2013 Chardonnay (you may have seen that on Facebook if you’re following us there). 

With only a week in bottle at my time of tasting I immediately discussed a release date with Richard, as this vintage is about as delicious as any chardonnay I’ve ever tasted.  So with that, we’ve decided on a release date for our 2013 Chardonnay!  Drumroll please…

July 7, 2014!

My description of this vintage:  “Like summer in a glass!”  Bright, crisp, citrus flavors with a balanced and smooth finish.  Cris adds, “Major pear and some vanilla, peaches too."

We’ll keep you informed as the release date nears, but for now mark your calendars.  We only made 80 cases of this wine, the same as last year, and that vintage sold out in 4 months!

With the weekend nearly here, I hope you have some delicious juice to sip on.  Enjoy!

Jessica Stock
National Sales Manager